Clunk Clare goes to The Specials gig.

The Specials had everyone skankin’ on a school night in Carlisle. No question, they were phenomenal. They played all the classics and encored with “Ghost Town”.

Their stage was littered with signs “VOTE”, “RESIST” and incongruously “Listen to Sly and the Family Stone”. The Specials have no qualms about sharing their musical roots; their beliefs or campaigns against injustice. So much so they invited 20 year old brummie activist on tour with them.

Generations apart, activist Saffiyah Kahn (who stood and smiled kindly in the face of the EDL) retold Prince Busters 10 Commandments on stage with The Specials. Riposte to criticism “or any other man offering kindly advice” Kahn opposed outdated oppression to women over Dawn Penns dancehall riddum “You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No). The room was taken by her presence.

Overall, the gig was exceptional and very sweaty.

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