Thrillhouse….release new track 'Lesser'. Sam wishes he'd made the video of cats doing silly things! Why? Read on.

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On Friday Thrillhouse released the follow up track to debut ‘One of these Days’. The new song is called ‘Lesser’. Here’s what Sam has to say about it

 ‘It’s basically just about the ups and downs of this ol’ life. Trying to figure it all out and what you want to do with yourself. A little nugget of trivia for you…The video took us 3 times as long to make as the song did to write. We all chipped in drawing it. Except Ali. He did nothing. In hindsight I wish we’d just filmed cats doing funny things. Would have taken a fraction of the time and people bloody love cats doing funny things’.

So, instead of you now reading a load of boring review words why not just give it a look and a listen. Of course, you could download it and listen to it whilst watching cats doing silly things. Your choice.

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