Raven Bush……debut album news and lead single.

Margate-based producer Raven Bush has announced his debut album ‘Fall Into Noise‘ is set for release August 13th via PRAH Recordings. The first single from the record “Start of Something New” is streaming online now. You can hear it below. Previously trained in classical music, Raven has appeared as a violinist for Christine & The Queens, Ghostpoet, Kae Tempest & more. On this record he combines his more traditional background with his love for electronics.

Fall Into The Noise‘ is a record that looks to document living in the moment, allowing listener to find their own meaning in the results and the music to speak for itself, which is testament to Raven’s experimentation with sound and freedom of expression as an artist.

Speaking about this first single, Raven said “‘Start of Something New’ was the first track that was made and completed on ‘Fall Into Noise’. It all emerged from some chords I recorded as a voice note whilst playing the piano at my dad’s house.”

To accept that chaos is constant isn’t easy, but reconciling that idea can result in a sense of freedom. For producer and composer Raven Bush, it’s embracing that things simply are and that you can control only yourself within it that’s allowed him to thrive. Fall Into Noise is his debut LP for PRAH after two previous EPS, and it revels harnessing chaos as a positive, that it creates moments where no one path feels pre-ordained, and that it’s better to engage with what you can’t avoid than attempt a fruitless retreat.
“As a title, Fall Into Noise is about the acceptance of all that you can’t control” Raven explains. “I find it interesting that noise can be disconcerting to one, yet sublime for another. For one person a sound which makes them anxious, makes another aware of something mystical. I’m talking about uncontrollable forces and how we perceive them. A friend was telling me about how the thought of the ocean, with its unstoppable power that everyday just went in and out with the tides, was terrifying. everything just ‘is’ and it’s up to us to decide and embody meaning to it.
Of course it’s easy to say these things, but it’s always good to be reminded, I think.”

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