The Back and Forth Interview with BODEGA


Hello Bodega. Welcome to Clunk! Could you give us a brief history on how you folks got together?

Me and Nikki started the group in the summer of 2016 (we quickly found an ally in Montana – who no longer plays with us – and shortly after Madison joined on bass). That four-piece was interesting for its simplicity but the current lineup really started to click when Heather joined and Madison moved to second guitar. Most of the tunes for ENDLESS SCROLL were written (melody plus chord changes) before this band played together but the five of us worked hard to sculpt and re-arrange the songs to find a particular BODEGA-sound. Madison in particular was instrumental in deconstructing our first ideas and honing the unit’s process. I had a previous band called BODEGA BAY (that Nikki was also in and Madison occasionally involved with) that was philosophically similar to our new band – a prequel of sorts.

The album Endless Scroll is ace. The title made me think of all the scrolling in my life every day. It’s never ending…. at home and work. Is that what one or all of you were thinking about?

You nailed it ——> All day at work : stare at computer. Come home from work : stare at computer. Do my own work : stare at computer. Rest and relax: stare at computer.

Jack in Titanic makes me smile every time I hear it. Am I supposed to be?!

Yes! The song has serious implications but who says serious things can’t also be fun?!

I always think of a tour as an opportunity to see the world. Looking at your dates seems you’re not long enough in one place to do that. A bit frustrating?

That can be frustrating if we are having a really good time with certain friends in a place but also staying put can get exhausting in its own way. I think in truth we are most happy and at peace when working.

Tell us about the first time you folks heard one of the tracks played on the radio.

It was on BBC6 at a friend’s house in Birkenhead(the day after our first library gig). It was very surreal. Nothing in life can prepare you for that moment of having tangible proof that your private ideas are being broadcast out into the air.

Thanks for the chat Bodega. See you at the Lancaster Library gig in March.


See you there!


Bodega Ben.

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