Mewn…New release and a Clunk Back and Forth Interview.

Mewn have released their latest offering. It’s called ‘I See It Now, pt. 1’. Its guitar driven yet has a fuzzy, eerie, sci fi opening until the beat picks up for the chorus. The sound drives on, grows and builds into an atmospheric rock delight. It’s the first release from the band’s forthcoming EP ‘Landscapes Unchanged’, due for release this month. It’s great, give it a listen then get to know Mewn a little by reading the interview below.

Hello Mewn……welcome to the Clunk universe

Please tell us who does what in Mewn and where the band is based, how did you get together?

We have myself (Daniel Bluer) on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Rachel Bell plays lead guitar, Dan Johnson is our bassist, Matt Protz plays keyboards and Daniel Cowman is our drummer. We are based in Manchester in the UK and it is only recently that we have had the completed 5 member band. Myself and Matt have played in several bands before and started the makings of this project with Rachel a while ago in the mist of the Brecon Beacons. A little time after we recruited Dan C via join my band and Dan J made an unexpected arrival a few months back.

How come the name Mewn? What does it mean? How do we say it? Moon, myoon?

I saw it on a sign at Green Man festival when we decided to start the project. We weren’t at our most lucid but I just remember thinking it was a nice word to look at and maybe a bit of a blank canvas, not having too much prescribed meaning, open to interpretation and possibility. Having subsequently spoken to a Welsh person about this I believe we are mispronouncing the word but we initially went with ‘myoon’ so I suppose we’ll stick with that.

The release on the 21st of April is your new single, it’s called ‘I see It Now Pt. 1’. It’s a layered, atmospheric sound and we rather like it. Can you tell us a little about it? What is that you can see now and why couldn’t you see it before?

Musically I think the idea started with the combination of Matt’s keyboard riff and Rachel experimenting with playing her guitar with a screwdriver. It morphed into something that we wanted to be dark; definitely layered and atmospheric as you say but also high energy and structured like a pop song. My lyrics often felt like more of a collage than a coherent narrative on this record but I can remember feeling like in the verses I was expressing mixed feelings within personal relationships. With the chorus feeling quite cathartic musically I think I tried to use that term to describe the release when you are able to see the beauty in people underneath whatever behaviors or situation arises between you. But depending on how I feel when I perform the song I might be using those words to express something else, I like having that flexibility.

The EP is due for release in May. What’s it called? How long has it taken you to get it together under all the restrictions? Will it be on any physical format?

The EP is called ‘Landscapes Unchanged’. It took a long time, these songs were basically completed before the restrictions. There has been obstructions at almost every stage as you can imagine but we have worked really hard in whatever capacities we have been able to and are really proud of what we have done together. We have certainly not been nearly the greatest sufferers in all of this and are thankful to be where we are.

Is there going to be a Mewn album any time soon?

We have a new batch of songs that we are very excited about and will start demoing them shortly. We will see what comes of the release of this EP, start to find our feet again as the industry starts to come back to life and decide on the best course for our new material. Whatever form the release takes you can expect new music from us in the near future which we believe will be our best work to date.

Have you got live gigs planned or pencilled into the diary for 2021? If so, where can we get to see you? Don’t forget about Carlisle!

Our focus has been entirely on the creation and release of ‘Landscapes Unchanged’ and writing of subsequent material. Once the release is in progress we will begin looking to put together our live schedule. You can certainly expect us in Manchester but we plan to venture outside our city of course. I can’t say I’ve ever been to Carlisle but if they demand us we must surely oblige.

Which bands/artists are you listening to that you think we should all be checking out?

In terms of the artists that are not universally known, Timber Timbre are a big favourite of ours collectively. Their self titled album and the stunning ‘Creep on Creepin’ on’ seem to us to be under appreciated considering their brilliance. Irma Vep are another band that we certainly believe to be underrated. They were based in Manchester until relatively recently and it has been said between us that ‘No Handshake Blues’ is the best album to come out of Manchester since ‘The Queen is Dead’. Some of us probably enjoy making statements like that but the album backs it up. Outside of rock music I have been a big fan of Slow Thai’s first two albums but he is pretty well known at this point. 

On which social media sites can we all keep up with the band?

You can currently find us on 



Thanks so much for taking the time with Clunk. The new track sounds great and we are looking forward to hearing the EP.

Thanks for having us, we appreciate the kind words and support very much

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