ON MAN announces debut self-titled album due July 15th via Houndstooth. New single & video “Memento Mori” online now.

After recently signing to Houndstooth, London-based producer On Man whose previous collaborations include Giggs, Darq E Freaker, Zebra Katz and Mr Hudson amongst others, has today announced his debut self-titled album is due July 15th and is sharing new single & video “Memento Mori“, featuring vocalist Tailor. 

With roots in hip hop, pop and electronica On Man uses these sonic foundations as tools to carve a new space filled with corroded, cinematic left-field pop that explores themes of love, grief, and rediscovery and new single “Memento Mori” is the latest example of this, following on from recent single “Squares and Triangles”. 

Speaking about the single, On Man said “‘Memento Mori’ started life as a kind of bittersweet, romantic song about coming to terms with a break-up. But, when my mum unexpectedly died, I revisited the lyrics and, although the words were the same, it now had this parallel narrative for me: How might I had felt had I known she was going to die? Would I have made more of an effort to make amends in the remaining time we had?”

On the visuals, On Man added “We’re secretly watching a couple in this strange domestic space, floating within a limbo-like void. Grief shapes us. Mutates us. We can speak of it, releasing its power a bit, or we can keep silent, until we have mutated into something else entirely. The characters have slowly changed in this limbo; they’ve forgotten who they were, what they were. They’ve developed this physicality and these coping movements that, to them, feel natural and essential but, to us as voyeurs, seem totally strange. The space itself has also morphed and mutated to reflect what’s going on with the characters. 

It was such a pleasure to work with the actors, Hebe Beardsall and Jethro Skinner on this. It was a single-take shot and we only had three versions of the prosthetics (that get destroyed within the filming process), so they had to be incredibly precise with their choreography. Fortunately they nailed it on the third take!”

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