Susanna releases new single ahead of album release.

We think this is rather lovely. The Norwegian artist has shared a lead single called ‘Alchemy of Suffering’ ahead of the album ‘Elevation’ due out on March 25th. Give the single a listen then read more info below.

Norwegian artist Susanna is the woman behind Susanna and the Magical Orchestra // Susanna // Susanna Wallumrød, a creator of bold, original and enrapturing music, capable of building worlds to lose yourself in. Today Susanna is back with the announcement of her new album ‘Elevation‘, which is inspired by the works of French poet Charles Baudelaire and a follow-up to 2020’s ‘Baudelaire & Piano‘. The record is set for release on March 25th via her label SusannaSonata and the first single from the record “Alchemy of Suffering” is online now.

When Susanna read the first verse of Charles Baudelaire’s poem “Alchemy of Suffering” she experienced immediate recognition: 

Nature, one man lend you fire,
Another dulls you with his grief.
What says to one: Here is the grave,
Says to the other: Glory, Life!

Some people are always complaining about the sad and horrible, others see possibilities everywhere they go. “I have learnt to include a little bit of both in my life, I will never be a perfect optimist.” Susanna laughs; her voice transforms the 19th century poetry into a modern experimental hymn.

On the video, Susanna added “The video for ‘Alchemy of Suffering’ is filmed and edited by cloak/dagger. The idea for the video is inspired by live presence, featuring dreamlike elements.”

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