Babeheaven’s second album on the way

Babeheaven have news of a new album and there’s a single released called ‘Make Me Wanna’. The follow-up to the band’s critically acclaimed 2020 debut album, Home For Now, reflects the disengagement that comes after years of uncertainty, stop/starts and disappointments. Babeheaven are a band guided by mood over messaging, and as such their music is imbued with feelings of loneliness and disconnection. There’s a central tension on the album: there’s disillusionment but, at the same time, a yearning for growth and evolution. It explores love and loss – in Nancy’s case, the death of two close family friends within a year of each other – but also the very human desire for comfort and connection. Sink Into Me is a healing balm, something to hold you when everything else is chaotic. “It hugs you in,” summarises Nancy, “like a warm embrace.

On Sink Into Me, the band has distilled their influences into a style that is distinctly, definitively Babeheaven. “It was a conscious decision to move away from being a trip-hop bedroom-pop band,” says Jamie. “We did that on the last album; now it was time to try something different.” While the trip-hop references still burble under the surface; they no longer dominate. And it no longer sounds like their music came to life on a laptop; it’s widescreen, leaning into guitars with a coruscating krautrock urgency, and shading in the grey between pop, R&B, indie and electronica. While it’s subtly anthemic in places, it does so without losing any of the intimacy that makes them so special, putting them on a par with bands like The XX. Babeheaven want to make cosy songs for the 4am cab ride home, or for bedding down in front of a log fire – you could go so far as to say they’re making chillout and easy listening cool again.

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