Bad Waitress release Rabbit Hole and have their own mad hatters tea party!

Here at Clunk HQ we are rather looking forward to the debut album release ‘No Taste’ on September 3rd. Great album cover too, see it below. ‘Rabbit Hole’ is the third very good reason for getting our mitts on the album, following on from singles ‘Strawberry Milkshake’ and ‘Delusions of Grandeur’.

Speaking about the new track, the band said “‘Rabbit Hole’ plunges you headfirst into an airless spiral. You’re unreachable, growing comfortable in the bleak nest you’ve found yourself in, knowing those you love will tire of trying to dig you out. The song begins with rising tension that, with a rough shove, gives way to a deep sludgy conclusion. Dissonant guitars and jarring vocals bring you to that dark place and swallow you whole.”

Give Bad Waitress a listen then look out for the album!

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