Crystalline……A Clunk Back and Forth Interview

Hello Crystalline……welcome to the Clunk universe.

Please tell us who does what in the band, how you got together and where you are based.

Eva Marie – singer

Elliott Packham – drums

Amir maleki – lead guitar

Sion harling – rhythm guitar

Ed Thomas – Bass

We are based in Cardiff, we originally met as students in the city. Since we formed we have had guitarists come and go, we found Amir on join my and Sion on facebook. I met Elliott the drummer on a tinder date! (still going strong). We are now a good group of friends and are really working hard together.

Did anybody in particular get you listening to music? Parents perhaps?  What music first made an impression on you folks?

Eva – I always liked musicals and singing growing up, I was in a choir as a teen but have gone through a lot of different genres

Elliott – I was first put onto bands my parents liked ie beatles, the smiths etc. but Ive always listened to anything and everything really

Have your parents, or anyone, ever told you to get a ‘proper job’? Or has it been encouragement all the way?

We have all got pretty supportive parents, for example we have had help funding some of the recordings in the past from family and friends. Theres some understandable concern amongst them on occasion, especially when we were students during exam time. We are all juggling jobs as well as the music in the meantime but hope to one day make the music our career. We count ourselves as lucky to be able to do what we enjoy and for the support we receive from family.

Last year you made your first video, for the single ‘Sweet Tooth’. It looked like fun. Was it? What happened to all the doughnuts?

That was our first professionally recorded video we had attempted. It was great fun however exhausting having to go through the song on loudspeakers for a 10 hour day and setting up props for the different scenes. Elliott and Ed were eating the donuts throughout the shoot so by the end there wasn’t many left to pack up…. The worst part was the whipped cream which melted everywhere and blocked the drains when cleaning up.. All the remaining sweets were taken back home by Elliott and mysteriously no one saw them again

There is a new single out this week, ‘Til The Sun Comes Up’. What’s it all about and are you making a video for it? Is this the crowd funded release? Where can we purchase?

This was the crowd funded release.. to which we are extremely grateful for everyone who donated to this, and we hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did creating it. The video for it is out now and the song is released on the 10th April to all major platforms. We thought we would write a song with less of a serious meaning behind it and more just about letting go and having fun. And at this time it seems more important than ever to enjoy yourself whenever you can.

How are you folks keeping yourselves amused during the lockdown? Any plans for an online mini-gig? There’s a lot of them  as artists connect to fans.

We plan on posting covers amongst ourselves individually. Since we are all locked down in different places its going to be difficult to perform altogether but we hope to make something work. We are however writing new songs and sharing ideas as best we can.

Once we are allowed out to play again will you folks be touring? When you get to Manchester and Glasgow don’t forget Carlisle in between!

That is very much the aim, we have had some gigs that have been cancelled and we are working on rescheduling. We cannot wait to get out and play again! We will definitely look into Carlisle 😊

Any bands/artist that you suggest we give a listen to?

We recently supported Marisa and the moths in Nottingham on their tour of their debut album. They are a great bunch of talented people with a good rock sound.

Thanks for taking the time for Clunk. We hope to see you out there in the not-too-distant future.

Thankyou very much !

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