Lumberbob…… new LP news plus the first single.

Today, LUMBEROB announces his long-awaited debut LP, LANGUAGE LEARNER, due January 28, 2022 via Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise Recordings. Alongside the announcement, he has shared the record’s first single, “BLESSENCE,” with an accompanying music video. 

Speaking on the single, Rob wrote: “‘BLESSENCE’ is a smooth little lumberob jammer, stumbling heavy and sweet. Structure is all suspension, waiting for the clarity of the lyric… I AM DANGER. There’s plenty to worry about. SHANNON PLUMB and I have made a lovely dance, an instructive dance showing how to move to the BLESSENCE groove. It is a smooth little jammer, stumbling heavy and sweet. It carves out your heart with its sharp edge. I AM DANGER.”

So give it a listen and a watch and get into that ‘Blessence’ groove. We have!

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