Tempers release ‘Sightseeing’

Ahead of their album release ‘New Meaning‘ on April 1st via DAIS, New York City duo Tempers have revealed their new single “Sightseeing” along with its striking video created by Clayton McCracken (Charli XCX, Erick The Architect).

The LA-based video synthesist crafted a sensational audio-visual composition for “Sightseeing” by using a mixed bag of touchdesigner programming, vintage video technology, 3D animation, and live improvisation. His work predominantly deals with the role of natural forces in virtual environments, utilizing lights, liquids, and vapors to explore themes of entropy and technological impermanence which thematically fit hand in hand with “Sightseeing”. Tempers’ Jasmine Golestaneh explains, “‘Sightseeing’ looks at the thrill and struggle of urban life. It’s a song about finding meaning by constantly dissolving, renewing, and redefining oneself, amidst the machinery of the city. The video explores how psychic traces left by memory can transform architecture, and animate parallel worlds. It’s also a continuation of an ongoing theme in our work, investigating the relationship between public and private space.”

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