An evening with Divine Intervention…..a few words

There was a buzz in the Source Collective on Friday night as Divine Intervention launched their debut EP. Lead singer Joe Lush was full of nervous excitement as we chatted before the band took the stage. He showed off his Divine Intervention tattoo (see pics) and confessed that his mum won’t allow him to go shirtless around the house any more! That’s Rock n Roll!

Once they were on stage all nerves soon faded away as Divine Intervention produced an exciting, high energy performance. This enthused the crowd and they were soon dancing and a-jumping along with the charismatic, highly engaging Joe Lush. There was plenty of noisy interaction between band and crowd, the drummer, Alex Jewitt, getting a constant name chant between every song. Joe teased the crowd with a ‘do you want me to take my shirt off’ routine and soon whipped up a chorus of ‘off, off, off!’. It was Alex who eventually pleased his fans by getting his shirt off and tossed it into the fray. A short break from the energy onslaught saw Joe singing and playing guitar in a solo rendition of a recently finished song about an ex-flatmate, Sophie I think, kicking him out because of too rowdy parties at the shared abode. That was just a one song break as the band went straight back into where they left off. Joe launched himself into the mosh pit at regular intervals and as the gig drew to a finale was carried around by the moshers. Oh yeah, the songs…….all the EP tracks plus a few anthemic covers. Great night had by all. Go see for yourself!

Divine Intervention line up

Joe Lush singer/guitar

Alex Jewey Drums

Filipe Pinto Bass

Sam Douglas lead guitar

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