Cult Cumbrian band Seven Seals release date of Owl Cage and single.

Seven Seals are set to release their ‘lost’ album Owl Cage on the 25th of February. It’s been lost for 16 years, who lost it and who found it? We will endeavour to find out nearer release date!

  Released on 25 Feb 2022 via the Cosmic Glue label (who have coaxed Seven Seals out of hibernation all these years later), the upcoming record promises to be an exploration of prison via posthumously found sounds and a lesson in the importance of finishing what you started.

“It’s a fascinating theme,” lead Seal, Simon says of the record’s overarching concept. “In the studio, when put together, the lyrics looked like a story about a murder, prison, wrestling with identity, with bad relationships, feeling trapped, and escaping from fate.”

There’s a single out on the same date, you can see the video below. It’s called ‘Seventh Wave’. As the band explain of the track:

“”Seventh Wave” is inspired by one of literature’s most glorious prison escapes. Floating on a sack of coconuts Henri Charrière’s Papillon relies on the seventh wave to take him away from the prison colony of Devil’s Island (Île du Diable) in French Guiana.”

Owl Cage is up for pre-order here

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