Bloc Party…A couple of fab tracks from the forthcoming album.

We are loving these tracks from Bloc Party. The new album is out on the 29th of April, it’s called Alpha Games. The tracks that we are sharing with you are ‘Traps’ and ‘The Girls Are Fighting’. It’s frantic, it’s a 70’s Glam rock vibe and it’s ace!

“Alpha Games was conceived on the road, playing in front of amazing crowds on our last tour and then brought to life with the fire and the frustrations of 2020,” says Kele Okereke on Bloc Party’s first new album in seven years.

The first Bloc Party album written and recorded as this four piece; adding the musicality of Justin Harris (bass) and the unbridled energy and power of Louise Bartle on the drums to capture the spark of their live shows and to deliver the most exciting Bloc Party album yet.

“We wanted to can what was happening at those massive gigs in 2019, to showcase what Louise can do, what Russell is capable of and most importantly the electricity coming off the audience. We knew that Nick & Adam were the right choice of producers to do that and the result feels like fire in a bottle.”

Go here for your pre-order!

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