Stillastar new single ‘Lamb’

Here’s something interesting that we thought you might like to hear. Austyn Benyak is the man behind Stillastar. The single is called ‘Lamb’. It’s a slow burning track with some melancholy thrown in. Read the blurb then give it a whirl.

STILLASTAR’S SECOND SINGLE,“LAMB”, is a sonic embodiment of splintering belief. A desperate slow burn with a palpitating heartbeat pulling everything down with it as it’s incessantly beat by hollowed blows. The whimpering lyrics call from the lumbering giant until finality in it’s blossoming death rattle.Weakend, it dies with a bursting heart and cries one last time.The song’s epitaph is a bargain to it’s abuser: It knows why,but still wonders.

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