A Clunk Back & Forth with Pip Blom.

Hi Pip,

Can you tell Clunk readers a little about the band…….who does what and how did the band come together?

Hey! We’re a four piece from Amsterdam. Tender and I have been in the band since the beginning and Gini and Darek joined later on. I play guitar and I sing, Tender plays guitar and does the backing vocals, Darek plays bass and Gini plays the drums.

You folks have a busy, exciting year ahead, debut album and lots of tour dates. Do you get the chance to look around the host towns? Anywhere in particular that you look forward to seeing?

It depends, sometimes we have to drive for six hours to get somewhere and we have to soundcheck straight away. But on other days we have to drive for just one hour and get to spend lots of time in the host town. We’ve got a day off in Lisbon this summer, so we’re all planning to go horseback riding.

You are playing a number of festivals. Is there an artist/band that you’re looking to catch?

Yes, I would love to see the Fat White Family, Squid, Haze, Sports Team, Fontains D.C, Sorry and so many more. We’re all music lovers so can’t wait to catch some cool bands live this summer.

Your debut album Boat is released at the end of May. That must be a real buzz, no doubt an event that you have dreamed of for many years. Why is the album called Boat?

To be honest, there’s not really a reason why. I love the word ‘Boat’. I think it sounds cool and I decided to call the debut record Boat before we had even written it. In the end I’m really happy with the name, it really fits the songs.

At Clunk HQ this week we have been playing Squid, Haze, Snapped Ankles, Crack Cloud and Bodega amongst others. What have you been listening to? Any Dutch bands that we should be checking out?

Ha, we have been listening to a lot of Squid and Haze in the van lately. We’ve all been big fans and we’re so happy to be able to play a couple of shows with Haze as our support. I have also been listening to the new Fat White Family record, I think it’s really cool.

Apart from music, what else do you folks get up to?

When we’re home we work a lot. Touring is not (yet 🙂 paying our bills so we have to have jobs on the side. But I quite like the diversity of our day to day lives. We’re in a van for half the month and I’m in the kitchen for the other half. It’s nice that way.

You folks are based in Amsterdam. For those visiting Amsterdam this year could you recommend something/somewhere to see or do that is off the usual beaten tourist track?

You should definitely rent a small boat and sail around Amsterdam. Bring some snacks and something to drink and you have a great day. Afterwards go to see a gig in Paradiso, OT301, Cinetol or Nieuwe Anita. We’ve got quite a vibrant music scene and if you’ve got the chance you should definitely check out one of the Dutch bands. My personal favourites are Canshaker Pi, Steve French, The Homesick, Kieff, Personal Trainer, The Mighty Breaks Lewsberg and many more!

When you get the chance please come and play in Carlisle!

Pip, thanks so much for your time chatting with Clunk. See you in Manchester!

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