MANDY, INDIANA share new video “Bottle Episode”. EP ‘…’ out Nov 19th via Fire Talk Records & UK tour dates this year.

Manchester-based trio Mandy, Indiana unveil the video for “Bottle Episode,” the lead single from their debut EP, ‘’, which is out digitally November 19th via Fire Talk Records and physically December 10th. We are loving the stuff that we’ve heard from Mandy, Indiana. ‘Bottle Episode’ is relentless in it’s rhythms, which are taut and aggressive yet is softened by the quietly chilling delivery in French by lead singer Valentine Caulfield. It’s ace, check it out.

Directed by Max McLachlan, the frenetic chaos of the video matches the music’s unpredictability. “When I heard ‘Bottle Episode’ for the first time, the driving drum beat immediately spawned dizzying, restless visuals. After talking with the band, and seeing their previous DIY approach to visuals, we decided to create visuals that matched the track’s chaotic energy by physically putting a camera through torment” said Max.

Elaborating on this further, the band said “Max’s ideas really intrigued us. He was much more interested in camera techniques than in any kind of narrative or typical music video ideas. The shoot was all very improvised, with extras fighting over a camera, launching it in the air, smashing it on the ground, attaching it to a drill. A key element of the track is movement and finding interesting ways for the camera to move was an idea we thought was worth exploring. The camera becomes as much the subject of the video as the people and locations.”

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