Grave Goods ….exciting sounds!

Here be something that we are excited about at DeClunk HQ. It’s a new single by Grave Goods and we love it! It’s called ‘Come’. You’re going to get straight into this, it’s a ‘grab ya by the earlobes’ start before unleashing some industrial guitar against a spoken word lyric and metronomic beat. Plus, there’s an album on the way. The title is Tuesday, Nothing Exists and it’s out on September the 9th. We can’t wait to get our grubby little hands on a copy! This is what Lois has to say regarding the single.

“This is one of the first tracks we wrote, and for me the one that helped to cement the feel of the music we make. I wanted to use the guitar in a percussive way, and I wanted the track to feel stressful and furious. I felt frustrated at the time and had so much to express. I wanted the lyrics to reflect all this, and to come from the gut.  The best noise I could imagine for this is ‘Ugh’ which I use towards the end – it represents frustration, disgust and sex.”

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