The Back and Forth Interview with Haze

Haze comprise of Will, Ollie, Connor and Dan. They toured with Pip Blom in 2018. We were lucky enough to catch them live at the Think Tank in Newcastle and they were great. They have a new single out called ‘Piochitas’ on Hate Hate Hate records. Read this, an interview with bassist Ollie Ratcliffe, check out the sound, buy the single and catch ‘em live sometime.

 Hi Haze, welcome to Clunk. Could you tell us a brief history of the band.

Hi there, definitely. We were high school sweethearts, a real tale to tell the grandkids about. It was pretty much love at first listen. They all heard me (Ollie) play the bass and they flocked to me like pigeons do to bread. It had nothing to do with the fact that Will and Dan have been playing together since they were 10.

 For those that have yet to hear you could you describe your sound?

Slightly better than white noise but not as good as Song 2 by Blur. That’s a really good song.

 St. John is your first release on vinyl. That must have been an exciting moment when you first saw and got your hands on one.

As of the current date I haven’t actually held one yet, nor seen one in person, I am, however, extremely excited to do so. It will be a moment of consummation for sure.

Haze is an energetic live band. The room in the St. John video looked a bit small. Was it a bit claustrophobic for one or two of you, a bit of containment?

Not all all. It was a really fun day and is a brilliant venue. The small nature of the venue created a nice natural camera shot that we liked. Claustrophobic suited the nature of the video too. Shoutout to Harvey Frost, Ben Hardy and Penelope Farmer from misc productions.

Are you folks hitting the road in 2019? You must be getting yourselves a bit of a following as a band to see. We want you in Carlisle!

Of course! We’re off to London and Cardiff in two weeks and we’re aiming to be on the road for lengthier periods later on in the year after Will has handed in his dissertation. Carlisle it is!

Any chance of an album release in 2019? We want that too!

Unfortunately not. An album is not in the books yet however we do have new releases coming mid year!

Tell us something about the human head on a goat’s body (?) design. The beauty is, like Worzel Gummidge, you can have interchangeable heads!

The human pictured is Trotsky who was nicknamed ‘Piochitas’ by his lover Frida Kahlo which loosely translates to ‘little goat’. We saw it only fitting to take that literally.

I guess if a band has a hip swinging, shape throwing bass player he has to go centre of the stage! You know, like Elvis! Was that the natural order of things, was there a fight in a car park for the position, or were straws drawn?

You’re darn right he has to go centre stage! Funnily enough Will used to stand centre stage and asked me one day if I would do the honours as he wasn’t a fan of it. Funnily enough we also have the exact same stage setup as Parquet Courts….but the similarities end there, right?

Here at Clunk we are rather enjoying Bodega, Crack Cloud, Beak, The Lovely Eggs, Pip Blom and Drenge to name a few… any of them float your boat and can you point us and fellow Clunksters to other musical delights?

All of them are very good bands. We will always have the biggest space in our hearts for Pip Blom for taking us on the best UK tour, they are true friends. As far as other music delights go there are too many to name. Our friends Jerry, Hotel Lux, Lice, Yowl, Fur, Squid others from across the pond such as Uranium Club. There really are so many great bands around at the moment.

Thanks for the back and forth, we at clunk have been lucky enough to see you folks live and we hope to see you again real soon!

Thanks! Love you long time, gtg dinner byeee x x x

Check out Haze on Facebook. go here

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