Seagoth release new single ‘Dreamworld’

Seagoth released a new track on Friday. It’s called ‘Dreamworld’. As one might expect from the title it sounds chilled and dreamy. The e-piano loop gives it a spaced out vibe as Seagoth sings ‘wake me up’ something keeps waking me up’.  It works for us and we really like it here at Clunk HQ. We urge you to check it out on this page.

Seagoth is the name under which Georgia Ochoa is making music. This is what Georgia says about Dreamworld.

“The lyrics “wake me up, something keeps waking me up. But I keep coming back here in my dreams” refers to the repetitive e-piano melody that’s mimicking an alarm sound. Those few moments before you fully wake and your alarm is blending into your dream momentarily causing this “dreamworld” to spill into reality for a second. That strange and unreal feeling is what I attempted to replicate in this track with the lyrics and the instrumentation.”

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