Lindsay Clark’s new single.

Here’s a new artist to our ears. We thought we would share it with you. It’s rather tranquil.

Today Lindsay Clark is sharing her new “Evening Star” single/video which features William Tyler on guitar. Carpe Noctem is due out on June 24th via Audiosport Records.

Lindsay shared some words behind the meaning of the single “I wrote “Evening Star” one winter when I was visiting my hometown in the mountains of Northern California, and the river there. I was struggling with some patterns in my life that kept ending in loss, but I was also in a time where I felt a sense of deep internal change. I had gone down to the river one day and felt soothed by the sound of water against rock. That feeling in the song is set against moon rise and the change of day into night, and is reflected in the changing harmony and rhythmic patterns of the song. When we went to record the song at Panoramic (in Stinson Beach, CA), I wanted to capture the darkness of night and the depth that water has, and William Tyler’s guitar and bass parts added so much texture to the song. I always add a lot of layered vocals to my songs, and this one has a lot of those as well to create swells. Really, the song is about change and beginning a new cycle – feeling that before it’s happened, but anticipating it.”

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