The Lovely Eggs and Iggy Pop……I, Moron

The Lovely Eggs Featuring Iggy Pop - I Moron - 7" – Rough Trade

This time out The Lovely Eggs are served up with a liberal dollop of Iggy Pop. Uncle Iggy is clearly a fan of the band, I’ve heard them being played on his Friday evening 6music show, and they persuaded him to repeat the word moron many times over. I haven’t counted how many but it’s a lot. Obviously Iggy sounds very much like the Iggy we all know and love though I also detected a little of old Mr. Spock in the delivery of the word. My copy arrived yesterday on the doormat of Clunk HQ, on sunny yellow vinyl. I believe that there will be a re-run of the single on red vinyl early next year that is available for pre-order now. The artwork is ace by Casey Raymond, depicting some sort of 1950s B movie Dog Beast with the grotesque heads of Holly, David and Iggy, no offence folks. How about a big poster? Dan Fridmann is once again producing and mixing. The B side is The Egg’s take on the old Iggy/Bowie penned track Dum Dum Boys. What’s not to love about The Lovely Eggs my fellow morons? Get on it!

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