Career release new track ‘Microwave’

Bingo Records continue expanding into the universe. The latest release is by London based band Career. It’s the single ‘Microwave’. As usual at Clunk we avoid putting those ‘oh so clever’ words together, comparing sounds with other bands etc. We can only say this. We think it’s a cracking record so give it a listen, who knows, you might love it too! It will be on the forthcoming EP ‘Letting Out The Slack’, due on February 5th. You can hear and order Career music here.

Below are the tracks ‘Microwave and ‘Natural Energy’ and some blurb about the band.

London band career are set to release their new EP Letting Out The Slack, having signed to Sheffield-based independent label Bingo Records.

A triumphant follow-up to 2019’s self-titled debut EP, Letting Out The Slack sees the band on form with more of their trademark tricky guitar interplay and groove-based rhythms with a frantic vocal delivery.

On the back of (pre-lockdown) gigs with Omni, Flat Worms and Corridor, career set about writing their latest collection – produced by drummer Jonny Coddington at Bottle Rocket Recordings – early this year.

While ‘post-punk’ references abound, career are better than the plethora of bands around at the moment whose main schtick is that they sound a bit like a rubbish versions of The Fall. Calling to mind aspects of Gang of Four, Scars and other Fast Product groups, career’s music is smart, angular, doesn’t stay around too long and makes its point with precision.

Guitarist Jack Sutherland elaborated: “The title of the EP comes from my love of misheard or made up phrases – it sounds vaguely nautical or could be a proverb, but also implies that there’s a lack of slack in the record.

“Hopefully people will realise we don’t take our music too seriously; we play because we enjoy playing that way. Humour is important to us, but we don’t want to become too sardonic or self-righteous. We like playing fast, so that’s why the EP is fast. We had a lot of fun writing and recording it so we’re hoping everyone finds it fun to listen to.

“We recorded 90% of the EP over a weekend in late February 2020, and only really had time to do these five tracks so they all had to work and sit well together.

“There was no room for excess meanderings! That focus and energy really gets translated into the songs; it’s not a grand statement about anything in particular, it’s more of a snapshot of where we all were at the time. It’s like a diary entry written after four coffees.”

First single Natural Energy sets the tone for the EP right out the blocks. A driving bass line propels a riff indebted to Marquee Moon era Tom Verlaine, and singer Joe Leppard sets about criticising things with both humour and a sharpness of wit that does not relent the whole record through.

Microwave follows, carrying the flag for repetition as an art form, An ear worm for an opening verse starts the track before guitarist Jack Sutherland lets loose with typical dexterity. The back and forth between Sutherland and bass player Tom Beeton is a real highlight of the EP – a demonstration in doing just what is needed for the song and nothing more; playing off one another, filling in each other’s gaps, and coming together to give choruses their necessary aggressive impact.

Tracks 100 Karat Gold, Cup and Dripless Perception make up the B-side of what is in all a convincing statement from the band. A tight, short, no-nonsense EP that sets out career’s stall and leaves the listener with plenty to listen to time and again. This will undoubtedly win anybody over to the band’s cause. 

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