Dog Daisies new album is a great listen!

Stephen Hudson is back with a new album as Dog Daisies, it’s title ‘You Are Here (Sorry). There are melodic tunes abound on the latest Dog Daisies offering, just as you would expect from Stephen. It kicks off with the track ‘Karly’s Guitar’, the playful lead single. This is followed by ‘Airplane’, a storming, shouty minute of frustration (?), if you weren’t listening you will be now. Then, in contrast, there are tracks of gentle melody such as ‘Tenizing’ featuring the vocals of Elsie Plimmer, also heard on ‘Everyone’s a Baby’. ‘Rainy Day Fund’ wouldn’t be lost on a Bright Eyes record. What’s not to like? This is a really enjoyable, fabulous listen, give it a go, then put your hands in your pockets and get yourself a copy!

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