Shot Balowski…A cracking debut album

The debut album from Shot Balowski is an energetic, mostly punk guitar offering with great tunes and songs. Perhaps the second track, Critique of Everyday Life, sets up the tone of the songs.

The opening track is Emily Does. It tells of the actions of suffragette Emily Davison. She was the lady that was killed as she stood in front of a horse during the Epsom Derby of 1913.

Trump gets a straight forward bashing on Commander in Cheat, the lyrics urging us to take action now. Another song reflecting on a life of an individual is Muhammad Ali. This is not about celebrating his fighting career but highlights his battle with racism. This is followed up with an attack on the Daily Mail. There is no doubting the sentiment…..Destroy the Daily Mail. No less hard hitting lyrically but gentler in delivery is Kitchen Sink/Girl in the Call Centre. The punk driven guitars are back for Nissan Poppy 24/7 and American TV. The track In The Suicide Forest is delivered in the spoken word, spitting out the message. You Love Yourself and The End of Friendship almost bring the album to a close but there is another gem to finish. Perhaps a fitting end is the cover of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song.

Nice package and artwork too.

This album is a real treat and will draw you in from the first listen. It’s all killer, no filler. Give it a go… won’t be disappointed.

Now I’m gonna play it again!

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