Filthy Tricks. A Clunk Back and Forth with Liam Rimmer.

Hello Filthy Tricks, welcome to the Clunk universe.

Please tell us who does what in the band.

Liam rimmer – vocals, Gerard Van Den Hoek – guitar and vocals, Foxy (chris peake) – drums,  Matty hignett – guitar and vocals,  Charriss (chris james) – bass

You teamed up with a rugby league team, the Warrington Wolves. How did that come about and what did it entail?

Our affiliation with warrington wolves came when they were looking for artists to play at the concourse before a match. Luckily for us when they came knocking we were thrilled to accept and in short…smashed it! Our relationship with the wolves grew and as a result we were invited back several months later to play on the pitch before a game, the thought of playing in front of our home fans and to a stadium of thousands was biblical. It also doubled up nicely for us as promotion for our recently released and debut E.P “Run the river”. I personally think this cemented our relationship with wolves as they with the crowd saw our hunger, passion and showmanship which I’m relieved to say is everything that the wolves players shown on that day too! The season after this they were keen to involve us lot again to promote their upcoming season with one of our tracks. As luck would have it we had just been into the studio in December of 2019 were the track used “Walk in Line” had been finalised! The track wrote by r kid Gerard was an instant hit. To me the track oozes classic RnR stripped with the hunger, passion and hope of what the rugby team wanted to continue in the upcoming season and we were all honoured to be a part of it!

I can see and hear the swagger of some classic rock bands. Is it fair to say that you folks grew up with that in your ears?

You’re Right! Our music has all of our influences from different genres within. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what, we’ve all been brought up on different styles if it’s from chris james’ funk to matty’s 60s licks it’s all in there in our tracks and it’s something that’s special as we wouldn’t be the musicians we are today without firstly being blown away in inspiration.

What was the last gig you attended as audience? Was it any good?

My last gig was Jack White. Very special talent and I was immersed from the get go! Also managed to come away with his guitar pick so that’s a lovely ending!!

What plans do you have for 2020? Tour? Album? Holiday in the sun?

Plans for 2020, I’d love all 3! We are working harder than ever, definitely some more treats to come. All I can say is the future is looking bright and we know we need to take every opportunity to make 2020 ours!

Are you getting yourselves up for a gig in Carlisle any time? There are a number of venues to choose from.

In terms of future gigs in Carlisle we are definitely working on it with our management! Be fantastic to meet everyone, as I see it, it’s a big oldplace and I know we want to gig on every bit of turf in 2020.

This week at Clunk HQ we have been listening to Tropical F. Storm, Bilge Pump, Flatworms, Marblmoon and Big Thief. What have you folks been getting an earful of?

Recently I’ve been listening a lot to local artists, Sour Milk a solo project from Joseph Hatton of Warrington and lead singer of the Bid. His folky blues and stories behind the songs are truly great. Mike Bee a good friend of mine, to me if you’re after an Ian Brown space odyssey then it’s a beaut! I know as a band we all love and are regularly in awe of is The Crawlers! This top bunch of people are just sublime!

Thanks for taking the time for Clunk. Hope to see you in 2020.

Clunk thank you very much and thank you readers for time you’ll never get back! Pleasures mine Liam Rimmer of Filthy Tricks

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