Astrologer feat. Germs release the manic track ‘Mania’.

Here is something new for you to jump about to. It’s by a band called Astrologer feat. Germs and it’s called ‘Mania’. This has to be played loud. It’s energetic, a bit frantic, mind you don’t hurt yourself. The equally frantic video is premiered here at Clunkonline. They are signed to Lolipop Records of LA. Look out for Debut EP in November. What does the band have to say? Read on.

“‘Mania’ is my attempt at a song that captures the feeling of hypomania. I tried to make something that reflects the frenetic energy and fragmented thought processes… Something demented and unrelenting. And it’s all sincere and true.” 

And on the video

“The video was made pretty much as an excuse to hang out with our friends and act silly.”

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