Drab City……A Clunk Back and Forth Interview

Introducing… Drab City | Bella Union

Hello Drab City….welcome to the Clunk Universe.

Please introduce us to members of Drab City…where are you based and who does what?

Based in Drab City, we both do everything. Krzystof plays the guitar, piano, violin, drums and sings. I play a little bass and piano and sing. We both write, record and produce all our songs, mostly separately from each other and then we jump on each other’s tracks.

How did the name Drab City come about? The name conjures pictures, as did Hunger City for Diamond Dogs. Did you have an idea of what Drab City might look like, after all the first track on the album is the wonderfully wonky Entering Drab City? Are all the songs set in Drab City?

Drab City came from the bond between Krzystof and me, we both come from working class Slavic families and grew up in drab cities. We both left home as soon as graduating from high school, and moved to the big city where we felt just as alienated as we did back home. Drab City is rooted deep within, like an ugly spirit which doesn’t leave us no matter how far we run. But it also keeps us humble and sensitive, and it’s a great creative source.

2020 has obviously been a strange year in the music industry. Has it been frustrating releasing an album but not being able to tour? From a fan perspective it sort of adds to the anticipation of catching you live next year (with luck).

Of course we felt defeated after our tour (14 shows) got cancelled this year and all budgets for our music videos were cut (we started a GoFundMe for this reason btw). We are probably at the lowest financial point we have ever been. But the tragic events that are currently taking over the world coincide with the struggle we evoke on our record, and many people seem to find our music comforting and appropriate. We feel more motivated now than ever to make new music and are already half way into a second LP. It seems like when hell is round the corner, life becomes all so meaningful again.

You are not just music makers….There is the art work for the album and some interesting Drab City sculptures. Where does all this creative inspiration come from?

I think a lot of artists are fluid like that, it’s a type of exorcism I think. I can only speak for myself but I’ve always been like that. Since I was 4 years old I cut up clothes and stuffed animals to make my own toys, I used to make up songs on my sister’s keyboard and was obsessively drawing sunny landscapes and colourful compositions at all times. I was dealing with a lot since in my childhood so I needed to release those feelings somehow. It actually really scared my parents at first, my mom once suggested to take me to a shrink but any time she would ask me why I was cutting up my things I would give a very rational answer, so I think they figured I was just “different”.

I’ve been reading about rock star riders. From Marilyn Manson demanding Danone Yoghurt and Gummy Bears to Pharrell Williams and 26 others with him being entertained by belly dancers whilst getting through 20 crates of vodka, 15 magnums of champers and a further 20 crates of Bacardi! Of course, I don’t if this is true. Anyway, what would you have on your rider when you hit that level of madness?

Nothing like that, I don’t consider those people you mentioned to be musicians to be honest, and I don’t like to entertain this type of trashy celeb culture. People like that are pathetic, self absorbed clowns that have nothing to do with music. If I could ask for anything I would ask for a lavish dinner with the whole crew before the show. I always feel sad we don’t get a chance to sit down with the sound engineers, promoters and workers that we meet on tour.

Of course, once you reach that level of fame and madness you will be able to choose any band/artist in the world to be the support. Who would you choose and where would you want to play, money no object!?


If we were to come to your neck of the woods for a weekend where would you take us? You are the Entertainments Committee!

Anybody who knows us will tell you that we don’t let people in very easily. Not because we are snob or whatever, we’re just hyper sensitive and don’t engage with people easily. We don’t go out or socialise much, we’re very self sufficient with our books and music. It’s a tough game to get us out of our cave.

Could you recommend any bands/artists that we ought to be giving a listen?

Yes, we have a playlist on Spotify which we update regularly where we post all the good music that drives us.

Thank you folks for taking the time for Clunk. Looking forward to seeing you next year.

It was a pleasure, hope to see you soon.

Go here to check out Drab City. The GoFundMe page link further down should you wish to support the Drab City project. Every little helps!


Drab City

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