Adam Ant comes to town! Clunk was there.

Lynette says

A fantastic night was had by all! Adam still oozes with charm and charisma. Great atmosphere! Great Music!

Paul says

I must admit I didn’t have high expectations for this gig…a mediocre album played in full, seated, and the Sands Centre itself, an atmosphere free sports hall. To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. Adam put on a great show and had a normally reserved audience in the palm of his hand. He breezed through the entirety of Friend or Foe and then proceeded for a good one and a half hours to play the hits and fan favourites. Standouts for me were Car Trouble, Zerox, Red Scab and Physical (You’re So), although I must admit to screaming along to all of his big hits along with a bouncing audience.

Michelle says The Adam Ant concert at the Sands Centre Carlisle was excellent, he started off with the Friends or Foe album which I don’t know well and this was ok then he ramped it up with well known hits progressing to heavier guitar music accompanied by the double drum set up, didn’t know he was this good- lots of singing and dancing by the audience. Thoroughly enjoyable and worth seeing- very impressed

Helen and Ed say

Really great evening. Glam Skanks were an excellent support group, very energetic. Great atmosphere as Adam Ant performed the hits including ‘Prince Charming’ and ‘Stand and Deliver’ with people dancing right up in the tiered seating.

Clunk says

Sceptical beforehand but it turned out to be a good show. Once the Friend or Foe bit was done Adam Ant got straight into one or two of the old faves such as Dog Eat Dog and Ant Music. Lots of energy, lots of people of a certain age having a bop. The big favourite for those Antfans was Prince Charming. Good fun!

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