J and the 9s release new single ‘Don’t Think About It’.

The good news from across the pond is that J and the 9s are releasing music for the first time in 3 years. As soon as the video is released it’ll be here on Clunk. Read on below for a little about the band. The single is called ‘Don’t Think About It’. We were lucky enough to see them at The Lancaster Music Festival a few years back and we have followed their fortunes since. So, if you like your rock n roll with a bluesy feel and a Glam look then check out the latest offering from J and the 9s here.

Front woman/multi-instrumentalist, j9 and drummer Chris Beatz could have never foreseen the amazing ways their lives would take a turn through music; where it would bring them, who they would be creating it with, and how it would impact the lives of others. Today, the two are married, have travelled throughout the world together, and have relocated to California with their newborn son Jack, cats, and dog. However, only 5 years ago, they were in rival NYC rock bands, and after falling in love decided to join forces creatively. That was when their adventures truly began. Together, they toured down to Texas for SXSW and later, toured South Korea. Nearly a year later after purchasing an RV, they toured the country with Vans Warped Tour offering an innovative opportunity to fans in their own lessonoke tent. After the Warped Tour, they played the Lancaster Music Festival in the UK and when returning to the states, they packed their pets and belongings in the RV and moved to California from NYC. j9 and Beatz married shortly before setting off on The Extreme Tour doing youth outreach in inner cities to spread positivity and inspiration. “The Extreme Tour’s message is to let people know they are loved and matter,” says j9. From their high energy and interactive live performance on the stage to their one of a kind music program in the elementary school where they teach, the band empowers people of all ages. The essence of their live performance and power the duo exudes on stage sends a bold message of believing in yourself to their audiences.

The vibe is perfectly translated in the band’s newest single “Don’t Think About It.” “Don’t Think About It” has an in-your-face, dirty blues rock sound that evokes comparisons to The Kills, Dorothy, and Gin Wigmore. The song runs as if it could be playing as a movie’s heroine triumphs over her evil captors- and that smirk of badass women taking charge would fly with a captivating flute solo. The song’s driving beat, high energy chorus, and simple message could inspire just about anyone to get run a marathon, make it through another day through this new COVID world, or maybe even travel the country in an RV with their pets, children, and spouse. “Don’t Think About It” was produced by Billy Smiley (Whiteheart) and mixed and mastered by Dale Penner (Nickleback). The single will be released via Cul De Sac Records on Friday, August 7, 2020.

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