Jewels Gold latest release ‘The Teller’.

Jewels is back with a new release and video. Jewels is already a star on that new fangled TikTok platform. Her ‘Singles Collection’ is out on March 18th. Read what Jewels has to say about the single ‘The Teller’ then give her a listen.

The lyrics of ‘The Teller’ share the story of a an encounter I had a few summers ago with two friends. They had just gone to a psychic in Asbury Park, NJ and wanted me to experience it so I could hear all about my future. It got me thinking a lot about fate, free will and manifestation. So instead of going to the psychic I wrote The Teller. It’s a reminder that we create our own destiny. We can design our lifestyles, we can choose who we surround ourselves with, and we can choose who we want to be.”

“I’m choosing to share my songs in their most natural form, and that’s exactly what this collection is,” said Jewels of the video collection. “I’m inviting everyone to be a part of the songs as they evolve.  I want to bring every listener on the journey from live acoustic performances to produced anthems.”

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