The Ruby Tuesdays. A Back and Forth Interview.

Hi Ruby Tuesdays…..welcome to the Clunk Universe

Please tell us who does what in the band and how the band came about.

Tucker: Rhythm Guitar/Lead vocals

Barnsey: Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

Baird: Drums

Marty: Bass

Tucker – “I played in another band and had a bit of a spat with the singer around about the same time I saw ‘The Rolling Stones, Exhibitionism’ at The Saatchi Gallery in London, and it blew my fucking head off and as a result I decided I wanted to start taking it seriously. So I decided to start something new, stole Barnsey and Baird from another band got my mate Stan on bass and away we went. About a year into being The Tuesdays, Matty who I met on a foundation art and design course at Blackburn college took over on bass and we became the band we are today.”

The Ruby Tuesdays………Stones fans? Seen Them?

TTucker – “I’m very much a Stones fan, the rest of the band are as well but I’d say they’ve got artists they prefer to The Stones. Our music isn’t directly influenced by The Stones so to speak but we decided when naming the band to tip the hat to them as they were the reason The Tuesdays came to fruition. I had the pleasure of seeing The Stones in Manchester in 2017, and surprisingly none of them dropped dead or snapped in half as a result of their frail bones. They were unbelievable live and hard to compare to anything I’ve seen before or since”

Were you always encouraged to follow a rock ‘n’ roll path or did anyone tell you to get a ‘proper’ job?

Tucker – “I feel like we’ve made our own path regardless of what anyone’s told us, I think a 9/5 job leads to becoming over-comfortable which is reflected in a lot of the lyrics I write and the music we produce. Luckily I’ve been massively supported by the people around me, we’ve got an extended Tuesdays family that comes to every gig and it’s class to be able to celebrate our music with our mates not just ourselves, The Tuesdays is more than 4 people more like 14.”

Baird – “Always been told to work 9-5 for the rest of our lives and being in a band isn’t a proper job”

Barnsey – “Older people always telling u that rock and roll isn’t the way, where as friends always pushing you to go for it”

Matty- “My parents have always supported what ever path I’ve wanted to go down whether that be music or art. they have never push me to do anything I’ve never wanted.”

The 7” Rivers of Gold is currently in the UK top 10, up there at number 5. Also in the top 10 this week is David Bowie, T.Rex and the fabulous Squid. That’s got to be exciting. How did you find out? Did you crack open a bottle?

Tucker – “I found out by refreshing the page every 2 minutes on the build up to the week’s vinyl charts being released, it was quite a moment. Not many people can say they’ve been on the Official UK Charts and it’s mad to be able to say that we have, although I do feel as though we deserved to get on there as we worked out asses off on this release without the backing of anyone but ourselves and it’s the result we were after. We’re all in different parts of the country as a result of university but we’ll all be together this coming week to play Leeds so we’ll be celebrating the success together then, and we’ll be cracking more than one bottle”

What’s the plans for 2020? Tour? Festivals? Releases? Holidays in the sun?

Tucker – “2020s been massive so far, we’ve gotten on the vinyl charts, had our tv debut, supported The Sherlocks and are being played in-store at Fred Perry across the country.

‘Rivers of Gold’ will be released on Spotify on March 27th. We’ve got a few gigs lined up before the summer including a hometown show on April 11th followed by festival season which we’re going to be hitting head first. We’ll be releasing some more music and touring off the back off it in the back end of the year.”

You folks are Blackburn based I believe. So… what does one do in Blackburn for a good day/night of fun?

Tucker-“There’s not much of a nightlife anymore, the government would rather piss on the north and see it left in tatters than invest a bit of cash into restoring places like Blackburn to their former glory. But it’s on the rise again with independent venues such as The Electric Church opening, there seems to be a buzz growing in Blackburn again and I hope it continues.”

Baird – “Get a taxi to somewhere else”

Barnsey -“Blackburn isn’t good for a night out unless there’s a band on”

Matty – “I’ll go out in Blackburn to a few pubs but usually if we want to take the night further we will have to go clitheroe, Preston, Darwen or god forbid Burnley.”

This week at Clunk HQ we’ve been listening to Sorry, Tropical Fuck Storm, Big Thief, Crack Cloud, Bilge Pump and always a bit of Bowie and Stones. What about you folks, what have you been getting your ears around?

Tucker – “The Amazon’s, Slowthai, The Blinders”

Baird – “Sex Pistols, Kula Shakers, Status Quo”

Barnsey – “Zeppelin, The Beatles, Glen Miller”

Marty – “The Wants, King Krule, Kid Kapichi”

When you get out there on tour don’t forget Carlisle!

Thanks for taking the time for Clunk. Hope to see you folks out there in 2020.

Check out The Ruby Tuesdays here

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