Sienne A Clunk Back and Forth Interview.

Hi Sienne……welcome to the Clunk universe

 Please tell us who does what in the band and where you are based?

Cal: Hello hello, I’m Calan and I sing in Sienne

Charlie: Hi there! Charlie here, I’m the loud one playing the Drums

We also have:-

Rich who plays the guitar, the hairy one!

James on bass/Synth sprinkles

We all throw in Vocals aswell.

We are based in the Liverpool/Warrington area.

 Your first single release was premiered at the Liverpool v Manchester United football match back in January. That must have been a thrill, were you there and how did that happen?

Cal: I’ve been a red my whole life and am lucky enough to consider George Sephton the Voice of Anfield a friend of mine so to hear our first single ‘Where is Home?’ was played against United was about as good as it gets, especially as we got the win!

I’ve known George a while now and he’s always been proper supportive of local music so he threw it straight onto the playlist as it came out, I was at Charlie’s when we got the news so that was a top moment

The latest single is to be released this month. Tell us about it…..title? who wrote it, what’s it all about, where can we purchase it? Phew…more questions than you can shake a stick at!

Charlie: Yeah we have our latest single called ‘Side By Side’ being released on Friday 17th July. It was one of the first songs conceived when the band started and came together quite quickly. It’s a song about unity and sticking together. So be sure to give it a listen haha!!

Cal: It’s a unity song, it’s probably my favourite of ours and it’s taken on a new meaning since all of this has happened the past few months. It’s all about life in general and how it can twist and turn but we all need each other.

 Are there any plans for a release of an EP or perhaps an album this year?

Charlie: We’ve definitely got a solid amount of work so anything is possible. At the moment, our plan is to release a few more singles and then take it from there. We have a great relationship with our producer Alec Brits who works out of The Cabin studios in Liverpool and between the 5 of us, we’re creating some work that we are really proud of and can’t wait to share!

Cal: We’ve written so many songs since we first got together already, and we want to keep releasing them at the rate we’re doing so like Charlie says, anything is possible, it’s exciting times man.

The studio time with Alec has been unreal and we’re still writing so I can’t imagine a proper body of work is too far away

 How have you been amusing yourselves the last few months? Any new skills? Baking? Origami? Watching box sets? Writing a rock opera?

Cal: Not too much to report, wrote a few songs since we’ve all been separated but in my spare time I’ve probably just had a few too many drinks and enjoyed myself a bit too much! It was a proper strange time, it really puts things into perspective and I’ve never been so geared up for us to start playing gigs and get the ball rolling.

Charlie: I’ve had to learn to cut my own hair, thankfully no one has to see it, although I’m quietly impressed (can’t see the back though…). Luckily we all have studio set ups in our respective flats so amongst some of the difficulties, we have been able to get a lot of writing done and have recorded a few ‘isolation covers’ of our favourite songs such as David Bowies ‘Life On Mars?’ And the classic ‘To Love Somebody’ by The Bee Gees……Maybe I’ll convince the boys of another quiz night before our next cover.

 If we were heading to your neck of the woods for the weekend where would you take us for some culture and some entertainment?

Charlie: It’s a little tricky at the moment, but I think between Liverpool and Manchester, there is a fantastic live music scene and night life to be had. When the time is right, we will the first ones down the Northern Quarter and places like The Cavern Club, Jimmy’s and Jacaranda in Liverpool.

Cal: You’d find me in The Club Burtonwood, my village local, just everything you’d want from a pub. But with the rest of the boys living in Liverpool, I’m down there a lot as well so I’d say get thetrain there and you’ll find yourself a good pub in no time

 What’s the best theme music out of The Persuaders, UFO and Thunderbirds? As you are so much younger than us at Clunk you may have to do some research!

Charlie: Thunderbirds! Hands down!!

I remember my dad taping Thunderbirds on VHS and my first thoughts were “…but can see the strings hanging down” *facepalm*. But once I got over that, I had my Tracy Island model and wanted to wear those glasses like Brains. I’ve still got them glasses somewhere!

Cal: It’s Thunderbirds and there’s nothing else to say on that.

 Any bands/artists/records that we should be checking out?

Charlie: There are some fantastic bands emerging. RED RUM CLUB are slowly taking over the world with their fantastic brand of Americana indie rock. Also bands like Wide Eyed Boy and The Lottery Winners are definitely worth checking out… and of course ‘Side By Side’ out on Friday

Cal: Can’t remember ever seeing a band grip the youth from such an early point in their career as the band Larkins from Manchester have, love what they’re about. As Charlie says, Red Rum Club are flying the flag for all of us, they’ve just announced a new album so give them a listen too.

Thanks for taking the time with Clunk. See you out there soon!

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