Julia Daigle…..A Clunk Back and Forth Interview

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Hello Julia…….welcome to the Clunk Universe

Julia, could you please describe your surroundings so
that we can create a picture in our mind’s eye?

Right now I am sitting at the dining table at my parents
house. They have a sheep farm. So in this moment I see
by the window the st-laurent river, beans vines wrapped
around the entrance and little white shapes eating in the
green fields. It is my paradise and I always come here
when I need inspiration. Nature is really important for my
creative health.

The single ‘Sur la haute colline’ has just been released.
It sounds rather lovely. Please tell us about the
inspiration behind it.

Sur la haute colline, lyrics are from a poem of René
Chopin. Dominic sent me a part someday, it has been
really interesting to translate the mood of the poetry of
someone else, from another time in music. We felt
something very solemn or sacred while making it.
Is it you that comes up with the ideas for your videos?
So far it comes from my producer and I. I like to say that
we are a band with an invisible member. While making
the album from demos to the last studio sessions, we
always had images popping in our heads and enjoyed
talking about it during breaks. It came naturally to plan
making videos together. It is really interesting to keep
our aesthetics for the project visual. I think it makes it

Two album releases in one year, your solo and the
Paupiere album released earlier. Has it been hectic?

It was and i would do it again,

Have you been itching to make a solo record?

Absolutely, before starting my band Paupière with my
best friend Pierre-Luc Bégin I had no musical
experience. I was 23, we signed a year later in Canada
and France. To explore is truly important and also to see
other people’s work process and adapt to different
contexts. I only have met Dominic Vanchenstein once
before our first studio session. We have been introduced
by friends. It was the first time I was showing ideas in
front of someone other than my bandmates. I was very
nervous and intimidated but it cliqued and we are now
good friends.

Your debut solo album is released in November. How
did you go about writing the songs? Was it lyrics first, or
a musical idea or maybe a mish mash of both?

My producer Dominic Vanchestein started our musical
conversation by sending me loops of old demos he had,
i would developpe couples ideas of vocal melody, check
them together. After I started my writing process while
he works on structure suggestions. It has been very
easy and fluid to develop the sound, I was already a big
fan of his other projects. We finally invite musicians to
come and let the magic happen.

Is there a trip to the UK any time soon?
Invite me and I am on my way.

If we were to come to your neck of the woods for a
weekend where would you take us? You are the
Entertainments Committee!

I live in little Italy which is full of amazing authentic good
restaurants and is also developing very fast. I would
bring you to get the best thaï food in town at Pumpui or
Pitchaï then improvise a party on my patio or at a
friend’s studio so we can discuss and put on the music
we want. I realized with the pandemic that I am more of
a home party person.

Any bands/artists that you suggest we check out?
Marie Davidson et l’oeil nu, Feu St-Antoine , Helena
Deland, Kinlaw, Fran palermo, Pearl and the oysters

Thanks for taking the time with Clunk, Julia. If you get to
the north of England pop in for dinner at Clunk HQ.

For sure

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