Tempers….album on the way, single out now.

Tempers’ forthcoming album New Meaning is distinctly nocturnal music, elegantly introspective and quietly intense. The record is set for release April 1st via DAIS and the band are sharing their new single “Nightwalking” online now.

On the track, vocalist Jasmine Golestaneh said “I took a lot of long walks at a time when people had abruptly vacated NYC, and left the remnants of their homes on the sidewalks. The city’s landscape became very surreal – a ghost town turned inside out. I was thinking about how to stay open, and embrace life derailed. The sky over the city was a real source of mystery, in it’s own world of pink sunsets, and sparkling nights. The contrast of that oblivious beauty amidst the pandemic chaos felt very special, and inspired the song.”

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