Sports Team: A Clunk Back and Forth

Cracking Record

Could you tell us who does what in the band,  where did you meet etc.

6 of us. I sing and perform the songs, rob writes ‘em, al plays drums, Henry lead guitar, Oli bass, Ben Mack still the cool one. We met at Cambridge .

How come the name? Are you folks sporty, if so which sports?

Not really, I think we thought it’d evoke a bit of gang mentality but ultimately we’re just hard to Google and people ask us if we’re sporty. Als a decent footballer though.

I’ve seen a photo of you folks in front a cricket pavilion and an EP called Winter Nets. Did you get over excited, like me, during the cricket World Cup final and The Ashes?

We actually launched the England kit for the World Cup. Shared a dressing room with Root and Stokes for the show. I’m a big fan but not sure anyone else knew who they were.

I watched the final at Citadel. Ecstatic.

How is your brand of British indie going down in The States?

Gah I hope we’re not indie. Alternative maybe…Going great, I think a lot of the guitar sounds has always come from the American bands we love, Parquet Courts, modern Lovers, iggy pop so hopefully it doesn’t feel too alien. We’ve just layered very Middle England lyrics on top of it. Simple formula, poorly executed.

Is there any city that you’re really looking forward to visiting over there?

New York every time, it’s very much the Tunbridge Wells of the states.

When I come to see you do you suggest that I stay out of the mosh, I’m 55. The last one I got involved in, at a Drenge gig, I fractured some ribs.

Yeah get involved. Usually we’ve got a bit of a divide with the kids at the front and CAMRA at the back, try and start one there.

Love the single Fishing. Ever caught any?

Never fished just watched a lot of Stein. The songs about these commuters that used to fish in the Grand Union Canal near Westbourne Park. Never caught anything. That sense of yearning y’know.

This week on the Clunk HQ turntable we’ve been listening to Working Men’s Club, Warmduscher, Crack Cloud, Girl Band And always a bit of Bowie. What have you been turning your ears to?

ACDC remasters, new Sorry track, Sinead O Brein, King Gizzard album.

Thanks for taking time out for Clunk. Looking forward to seeing Sports Team in action real soon.


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