A Not Very In Depth Clunk Back n Forth interview with Bernard Fowler. But What The Hell?! It’s Bernard Fowler!

The majority of people would know of The Rolling Stones. Any Stones fan would know that there are a number of musicians and backing singers that have worked with them for many years such as the late saxophonist Bobby Keys and bass player Daryll Jones. So, it was with great excitement when Clunk made contact with Bernard Fowler, backing singer on tours and records since Steel Wheels in 1989. Bernard has recently released his latest project. It’s an interesting take on some selected Jagger/Richards compositions. What makes this different than just a bunch of covers? Well, it’s all in the spoken word. It’s titled Inside Out and you can hear it on Spotify and follow links to purchase from Bernardfowler.com. Bernard agreed to answer a few questions for Clunk. Now, this is not the most in depth of interviews as most answers are one sentenced but what the hell?! It’s Bernard Fowler!

Hi Bernard, many thanks for chatting to Clunk.

Your latest record is Inside Out. It consists of Stones covers but not how we have heard them before. It is all spoken word, some against a backdrop of funky, jazzy beats. How did this come about?

 Like most things it started with an idea that I didn’t let get lost in thought.

You have covered 4 songs on this collection from the album Undercover. Is there any particular reason for this?

 No particular reason It just happened that way

The record really works. Really love Dancing with Mr. D.  As a Stones fan I think it brings a freshness to those lyrics that we all know so well. Have Mick and Keith enjoyed what you have done with their words?

You’d have to ask them this question

Here at Clunk we are also Bowie fans. The ‘go to’ Bowie album that never fails is Station to Station. We saw your performance of that album, with Earl Slick, in Glasgow. It really was a great show. Some of the delivery of the songs seem a bit tricky. You nailed them……were they tricky to learn?

 I spent some time doing some listening home work and that took all the “tricky ness “ out of it for.

Can we expect to see a few shows from you in Britain in the near future? If so, please consider a stop-off in Carlisle.

You can expect some show from me and I will consider any and everything.

Once again, Bernard, thanks so much for your time.

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