The Elephant Trees…A Clunk Back and Forth Interview


Hello Elephant Trees…welcome to the Clunk Universe

Hello! can I take my helmet off? What’s the atmosphere like here?

Please tell us who does what in the band and how did you get together.

Okay, I (Martha, hi:)) write most of the songs and do the singing, Sam does the guitar shredding, and Tom does the drum smashing. We all met a high school, as part of a project we had to set up a band and The Elephant Trees family was born. We haven’t wanted to do anything else since!

Much in band squabbling or is it all loveydovey? If there’s any musical differences now is the time to get it out in the open!

Hahaha no squabbling, like I said we’re like family, so it’s more like constant roasting. When we started playing together, we all had different music tastes, rock, jazz, pup-punk, rap, soul, but as we’ve spent so much time together the past couple of years, all our tastes have intertwined into a melting pot of genres.

The Elephant Trees is an interesting name. How did it come about?

We all grew up together in a town called Guiseley, there’s a group of trees on a hill that symbolise home for all of us – they are dubbed by the locals as The Elephant Trees, and thus here we are

The latest release from you folks is ‘Survival’. What are you surviving?

The obvious topic is coronavirus. But on a bigger scale, we’re trying to survive climate collapse, fascists politics, the mental health pandemic of our generation… the list goes on. There’s no doubt we have it a lot better than most, but it seems everyday is a struggle for the general public, working dead end jobs for maybe 2 weeks holiday a year, destroying the planet for a bit more money. It’s all a bit much isn’t it? But we’re all just trying to survive, oh and the music industry…it’s a struggle to get heard, stay authentic, keep creativity alive and make a dollar. This is a question I could write a dissertation on. In fact I have if you want to read it ?!

How have you folks been keeping yourselves amused during lockdown? Has it been creative or have you just been lying about and working on your tans?

At the moment we are all at Uni, so the past few months have still been exam and essay filled, with a sprinkling of music making, and not forgetting the latest edition of our Zine that came out last month. Although, working on our tans does sound like a better way to have spent these past few months.

What’s the plans for you folks once lockdown is over? Is there a tour planned? More releases in the pipeline? Or just get away on holiday?!

We have a ton of music to release that we can’t wait to share with everyone. And we’ve all super missed smashing about on stage, so definitely a tour when we’re released yes, please. Keep your schedules clear for Feb 2021 …

Where would you take us for a top day/night out in your neck of the woods?

Okay obviously we love the village for a night out, and there’s loads of parks in manc if you want a cheeky picnic in the (intermittent) sun. Or, if you wanna see town, one of my favourite places is Afflecks Palace, you never know what you might find.

In the last week or so here at Clunk HQ we have been enjoying PINS, Dana Gavanski, Big Thief, Tropical Fuck Storm, The Heartwood Institute and always a bit of Bowie. What have you folks been getting your ears around?

We were on a live stream with Girli and Nova Twins last week which was awesome, super been getting into both these incredible artists with a lot to say. Of course, we’re digging new albums from Tom Misch, Hayey Williams and Lianne La Havas.

Thanks for chatting with Clunk. Don’t forget to add Carlisle to any tour you embark on. We would love to see you up here.

Thank you! Party at yours??

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