The Neverlutionarie’s Christopher Harold Wells spills all in a Declunk Back and Forth Interview

Hello The Neverlutionaries……welcome to the Declunk universe. Please describe your surroundings so we can make a picture in our mind’s eye.

At this very moment, I’m in my recording studio watching the sunset through the window and watching my pal Pete the Pooch chase squirrels around. I sit at a classic wooden desk with two monitor speakers pointing at me. Behind me is a bed and a bunch of acoustics guitars, electric guitars and basses. I have a black outfit on topped off with a black fedora tilted ever so wickedly to the side.

Please introduce the band, you know…..who does what? Who makes the best coffee? Etc. 

The band is essentially me (Christopher Harold Wells), drummer Nick Baglio, and guitar legend Kenny Olson who has blessed this band. Kenny is a good friend and my brother from another who, like Nick, happens to be masters of his craft. Hopefully if scheduling works in our favor, they will join me on the road as well. This has been so amazing! For the first time in quite a while, I am playing with musicians of such a high caliber in all positions. Their parts are so cool that it makes me revisit the initial idea to see if it could be conveyed better. I make the best coffee! I think…

Where are you folks based and do you fancy going elsewhere? How long has the band been together and how did the name come about?

The band is based in San Francisco and Nashville currently. I find that living between two places that are equally cool and have magical energy, can do nothing but add to the music and vibe of it all.. I think living and creating in London would be so amazing actually! I’ve been more inspired by UK bands than American bands. The Neverlutionaries have been in existence for a tad over 2 years now. I got the name from a conversation I had with a friend, it came up as sort of a tongue in cheek play on the word “Revolution” and the fact that sometimes our best plans never see the light of day. It was an “Ah Ha!” moment for sure. It felt right and hit an instant chord within me…

What music did you grow up listening to? Did family or friends have an early influence on introducing you to music?

I listen to soul, funk, gospel, rock, jazz pretty much everything but country. Family more than friends I would say. Music was always there when I was growing up. My sister was always playing cool funk records like Boosty’s Rubberband and Parliament Funkadelic. My folks were into soul and jazz so there was always someone jamming out in our house. My first record was Kiss’s Love Gun and then I got a David Bowie record. Admittedly it was the cover art that pulled me in, but hey, whatever it takes to get you there right?!? I am a 4th generation musician which is a badge that I wear proudly. My family, on both sides, has always played music. My cousin Brandon “Don Juan” Wells helped put the St Louis rap game on the map back in the day. His sister Bridgett was an emcee and bassist who had her own label back in the day too. Some of my relatives like Father and Grandfather played horns, and some played stringed instruments. At the end of the day, it’s a part of us all.

There’s a new lyric video just released for ‘Stardusted’. Please tell us about the song.

‘Startdusted’ is a take on modern love as it exists today. Long gone are the days of meeting parents, going to a movie and simple stuff like that. The Internet put a wrench in the game for sure. People nowadays are more into skipping the appetizers and going directly to the main course. This is just my take on it though and what I’ve experienced but I’m sure there’s still some romance around somewhere…OH romance!?! Where are you!!!!

Tell us about your album. Why is it self-titled? Couldn’t you be arsed to think of a title?

The album is self-titled because I really dug the name and the potential of creativity that could go into the concept of it all. There will be four parts to this series and this is the first. I envisioned The Neverlutionaries concept like a story of sorts whose topic has yet to be fully defined at this point but will clarify/tie in with each added section. There was something deeper to this in my heart when I created the music. I also want to do something different with the presentation. I wanted a connection of sorts with all four parts (records) being cool and strong yet having them tie in conceptually as a whole by the time the last record is complete. It sounds like an audacious task but I’m up for the challenge.

How would you describe your sound?

Soulful alternative rock band with psychedelic leanings and various shades and textures of light. I wanted to create something that mimicked life’s ups, downs and moments in between with different vibes and my vocals being the element of continuity that connects it all together.

What plans do you have for 2022? Are you heading for the UK? There is dinner at Declunk HQ in it!

My plan is to put out The Neverlutionaries II and then tour the road for most of 2022 supporting both records. The set is gonna be lit! I’m getting the band tight as possible and going in deep to create a cool show for everyone to enjoy! The UK is in my plans and I will keep you posted as they develop! And yes! I am down for dinner at Declunk HQ for sure!

If we were to come to your neck of the woods for a weekend, where would you take us? You are the Entertainments Committee!

In San Francisco, we could have awesome burritos and aqua fresca’s in the Mission and then go to Delores Park for the afternoon, enjoy some herb(tea) and relax. Then go check out a rad band at one of SF’s or Oaklands many venues. Then we could go to the Black Cat for beer and Popcorn! The next day we could do a great big walkabout and check the city out! Then we can hang at the waterfront and watch the boats traverse the bay! 

What is the crappiest job that you’ve had?

Oh so many to name! LOL! The crappiest had to be replacing fiberglass insulation from under an old ass creepy house. There were some mysterious small mammal skeletons down there too! It still gives me the Willie’s just thinking about it. I think about that tis the day! When I wrote my song, “Old Ass Creepy House” come to think of it.

Any bands/artists that you recommend we check out?

Better yet, I challenge people to listen to genres that they’ve never dug into. Diversify your sonic palate! Find something new! I’ve been getting into a lot of electronica lately. More of the whole vibe rather than a specific artist. With the onslaught of recording technology made available to the public, the best bands/artists haven’t even been discovered yet! Dig in!!!

Thank you for taking the time for Declunk. See you when you get over.

Check out the Neverlutionaries sound here:

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