Spiritual Warfare and the Greasy Shadows release ‘Ad Hoc’ LP.

Today, Spiritual Warfare and the Greasy Shadows (the newest project of Phoenix musician Joel Marquad) shares their second album, Ad Hoc (via Earth Libraries). They have also shared a bonus unreleased track, “Thick Of It,” which is a free download when you purchase the record.

Speaking on Ad Hoc, Joel wrote:

“After I finished making Ad Hoc, I decided to quit music. The album took a lot out of me and I needed a break. The house we were living in the time in Idaho was maybe haunted by a sewing ghost because we kept finding sewing pins in the carpet. I ended up designing and sewing about 7 handbags some of which have plastic reproductions of animal mouths (like a bobcat) sewn into the side of them. Earth Libraries kept asking to press Ad Hoc to vinyl and I kept telling them no. I moved back to Phoenix…then the pandemic happened. No Dogs In Space podcast played my song on their show and there was a new interest in the record and Earth Libraries once again asked to do a vinyl pressing and here we are today.  I am working on a new album also.”


01. Take It Over
02. Angel of Death
03. Volcano Girls Intro
04. Volcano Girls
05. Death Was A Olympic Speedskater
06. Viewfinder
07. Showroom
08. Shook Loose
09. Money
10. Killa Jungle
11. R U My Killa
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