The Brave Faces release new single ‘Lots Of Nights Out’.

The latest song from The Brave Faces is now out there to be ore-ordered on Spotify. It will be out there on all platforms for astreamin’ and adownloadin’. We had a listen here at Clunk HQ. We rather liked it so we played it again! If you fancy a little lockdown boogie whilst reminiscing over your old boozy ways and days then this is the song for you. There is a message…that boozing, or anything else one is leaning on, is not the answer. Good times are ahead. Even if none of the above apply to you it’s still worth a listen and a pre-order. It’s out on the 29th of May. We like it, we think you might but decide for yourselves by giving it a listen!

THE BRAVE FACES contributed their debut single ‘In The Dark‘ to the ‘Feed the NHS‘ Bandcamp compilation put together by Independent Music News. You can buy it now, with all proceeds going to the UK charity Meals For The NHS.

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Listen to ‘Lots of Nights Out’ on Spotify.

Here’s the press blurb stuff

 The band’s new single, ‘Lots of Nights Out’, bursts straight out of the gate with two intertwining guitar lines. Complementing and competing, the two create a frantic indie soundscape while bass and drums combine to keep the peace. The chorus’ catchy hook is deceptively bright and poppy, distracting from the tension and exhaustion expressed in the lyrics. In the track’s penultimate offering, the lyrical tone switches up and delivers a mantra to reassure: ‘just give it time, time will heal, it’ll be okay’. The song sets out to take you through many different headspaces before setting you up to do it all again.

“‘Lots of Nights Out’ is about getting to an age by which you’d always thought you’d have it all figured out, but you still haven’t. You’re in pain, you’re worried about getting old and you feel directionless.” says the band’s lead vocalist, Darrell.

“It explores and critiques the only ‘medication’ I had at my disposal at that time of my life: going out and getting drunk. It’s from the perspective of someone reflecting on their lifestyle, talking about the time they spend trying to escape and impress other people. This track is about taking a step back and seeing this mentality for what it was to me — fun, but ultimately exhausting and damaging. The end of the song tries to encourage anyone in a bad spot that things can and do get better”.

‘Lots of Nights Out’ is the band’s second of three tracks recorded with Dave ‘Izumi’ Lynch (Toploader, Jake Bugg, The Magic Numbers) at Echo Zoo Studios in Eastbourne. THE BRAVE FACES will release their next track, ‘It Takes a While’, in the coming months. ‘Lots of Nights Out’ was mastered by sound engineer Pete Maher, who has previously worked with U2, Pixies and Nick Cave.

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