Holy Drone new release ‘Fibres’.

Holy Drone have released a new song. It’s called ‘Fibres’. Now if you pop Holy Drone into your search engine then you just might find you get a shite listing of everything drone that flies and spies. So here is a bit on Holy Drone to save you that hassle. Of course we wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t like the Holy Drone release. Have a read and follow the links.

Holy Drone are architects of shoegaze dream-pop, heavenly fuzz riffs and luscious, mesmerising vocals. After making their debut in 2016, the Warrington quintet’s noise laden psych sound has piqued people’s interest across the world. Their last release ‘Northern Fire’ came out in 2019, and after a year of experimenting on new material and navigating lockdown difficulties, Holy Drone are back with their new single ‘Fibres’. Taking inspiration from the likes of Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine, the song came together very quickly for the band, written during a period in lockdown when the sun was shining and the band started to gain a shred of optimism about the weird situation we all found ourselves in. Opened by Emma Taylor’s signature glistening breathy vocals, ‘Fibres’ is punctuated by a soaring guitar riff, pairing together to create a blissful, transcendent listen.‘Fibres’ follows other previous releases ‘Sleeping Silver’, ‘Radio Song’ and ‘Washed Out’, and two EPs – ‘Danxia’ (2016) and 2017’s follow up ‘Learn To Swim’, which all captured the attention of the likes of BBC Introducing, The Unsigned Guide and Amazing Radio. The band have recently supported Witch Fever and Max Bloom (Yuck), and also played at Stay Fresh Fest.

Take a look at what people have had to say about Holy Drone so far:“Peeking out from underneath the layers of delicious fuzz, you’ll hear the hypnotic, soaring vocals leading ‘Washed Out’ to its sublime crescendo like a siren luring ships onto the rocks.” – The Unsigned Guide“Celestial waves of dazzling shoegaze shower upon our welcoming ears while Bate-Nilsson’s dreamy vocals swirl high above the fuzzed-out storm. For under three minutes, we are overwhelmed by a song that is simply shoegaze brilliance.”Therevue.ca“Their hypnotic brand of alt-rock, takes cues from the fuzzed out guitar interplay of Deerhunter fused with something heavy, leaving their own original sound. Opening for a masterful act from across the channel, the female-fronted five-piece presented themselves as a complete force-to-be-reckoned-with that have plenty of steam in them to go all the way with their project.” – MCR Live
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