Ameliarose latest release ‘Nosedive’.

Ameliarose has a new release out there. If you’ve been keeping up with Clunk you would have heard the power voice of Ameliarose on the single ‘Goliath’. This time round we hear something a little softer, although the song is tough. Check out the song and video below.

my molars will be glued together
shut so tight and i will not quiver
while you scream through your teeth
that you wish you never met me

Ameliarose can tell you all about it

“Have you ever had so many fights with someone that every fight becomes more and more meaningless? NOSEDIVE is about the defenseless feeling of repeated losses, due to emotional manipulation. Love is vulnerable, and ameliarose perfectly encapsulates how risky it can be to become attached to someone who is clearly unwell. She evokes this in the chorus lyrics; “i saw my own reflection in the back of the necklace you gave me. i looked so distorted, you asked ‘what’s so important about all this anyway?’”. Through the song, we follow her journey to speak up for herself, take ownership of her person, and leave the audience aching for more.”

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