Bait back with a new track

Another cracker from Bait. Read the blurb, listen to the track. Preorder the album.

New single ‘TV Personality’ has late night video game vibes, with a sense of panic and urgency. The electro-beats creep up on you and hold your arms behind your back whilst desperate accounts of ‘screen life’ are snarled into your face. Of the track Michael Webster says:

The pandemic locked us away and forced us to live life through a screen. We each became a TV personality, broadcasting from the rabbit hole for work, study & play.”

At its essence BAIT is a band that has become a long distance relationship. For 18 months it’s lived in the cloud, with a rope around its neck. We’ve all had enough restrictions but restrictions force you to work with what you’ve got. Restrictions are precisely what BAIT needed to breathe out, sink to the bottom and propel itself back into the light of day clutching a new record.

Released 1st April, ‘Sea Change’ is the debut full-length album from BAIT. It’s a digital post-punk lockdown docu-record which watches the clock, gets the jitters, and lashes out just like the rest of us. It’s an internal monologue that accounts the anxiety, the struggles, the pressures experienced living by the sea during a global pandemic.

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