Katherine Aly new album Shadows Are Made Of Light Too

Here ar DeClunk HQ we have been following Katherine for some time. At last her album is here. If you read DeClunk regularly then you will be familiar with some of the songs and Katherines voice. The new songs to our ears sit quite happily with the already familiar and loved. It’s an album full of emotion and varied pace, you might dance or you might cry. You’re almost certainly going to be singing along. The album kicks off with the infectious ‘Glow and Ignite’. This is followed by the track Pariah, a song of strength regarding prejudice of all types. ‘Never Giving Up On You’ builds as it goes then the pace slows enough to really highlight Katherine’s voice with ‘Hey Girl’. The drama increases during ‘Hype Up’ then a philosophical ‘Maybe In another Life’. ‘Rules’ is rather lovely, piano led ballad and the album signs out with ‘Butterflies’, soaring to the closure. Sure, we have a couple of particular favourites in there but you can choose your own. There are no weak tracks to be found!

Get it here


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