Bedon new single and video

Bedon (pronounced bee-din) is the solo-project of singer-songwriter Bedon Lancaster.

Born in Oxford, Mississippi and raised in both New Orleans, Louisiana and Memphis, Tennessee, Bedon began to play music at a young age. Upon the release of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, he began to fall in love with guitar-driven music. In high-school, he played in a 4-piece rock band, but once he left for college, he donned the moniker he was bestowed at birth. A name many have mispronounced. A name many have misspelled (Boden, Biden, and Baden to name a few). But the name stuck, and now he tours with an 8-piece band, including a 3-piece horn section affectionately referred to as “The Bone Zone.”

Bedon released his debut full-length LP Morning in January of 2020 and moved to Nashville, Tennessee shortly after to pursue music further.

Bedon has released a new track and it might just put a spring in your step. Here’s some words from the man himself.

“‘Woah’ is the first single off of my second record. It’s the first thing I have put out since the pandemic started, and I am incredibly proud of the song, the writing, and the people I made it with. ‘Woah’ is the second track off of the album, and it is the introduction of conflict into the album’s narrative. The setting is at a house party in a small town in Mississippi. There’s a bonfire raging outside, and I see the person (who the entire album is centered around) standing by the fireside. We talk (and we obviously have a long convoluted history) and I start to consider risking the comfort of our friendship for the potential of a real relationship for the very first time. I had known her basically my entire life. A lot of weight is on this moment. That is why I wanted it to sound humongous.”

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