Beija Flo releases latest single with limited edition art prints.

A Liverpool icon and creative wizz-kid, BEIJA FLOW has announced her latest single ‘Waiting For The Sun’, alongside a limited edition art print. This the second special release of a trilogy. Get on it fast, the prints will shift quickly! Beija says this about the song

I find it hard to describe what ‘Waiting For The Sun’ is – not because I don’t know what it’s about, but because it’s emotionally challenging to talk about. It feels like such a milestone in my life to finally be releasing it. I’ve been sitting on it for the entirety of my adult life, it’s had many guises. 

I wrote the song at the start of my journey into the real world. I’d just moved somewhere new to start something new. It was also born not too long after being diagnosed with MRKH syndrome and after experiencing heartbreak for the first time.

I’ve been through so much since then. The meaning of the song has changed so much over the years and I suppose continues to. I’ve been lonely, bruised, forced, scarred. Nostalgia has always made me sad. It’s hard to be happy whilst time travelling when there is just so much grief to revisit. There are also so many mountains that I have climbed and claimed whilst carrying these weights around.

I have become quite the mountain climber I suppose. Forever chasing the sun over monstrous hills. But I’ve done it and I continue to do it. I look back at what I have battled and won and I can’t help but be in awe of that young woman. I imagine this is what motherhood feels like.

I suppose I find talking about Waiting For The Sun so difficult because it’s a medal. It’s a big medal I wear across my chest, day in, day out. It was born in the middle of a war, and is now a growing series of very precious battle scars. It’s hope.

All of Beija Flo’s music, along with a selection of poetry, merch and artwork, is available on her Bandcamp, with all the proceeds funding these current releases. She recently launched a fanclub, to share exclusive art prints, demos and more:

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