Lala Lala new release ‘Prove It’.

Today, Lala Lala, the project of Chicago musician Lillie West, shares “Prove It,” the newest single from her forthcoming album, ‘I Want The Door To Open’, out October 8th on Hardly Art. Next month, West will perform a string of US record release shows before embarking on a UK, European and North American tour in 2022.

“Prove It” is contained and polished, with West singing over sparse guitars before the track reaches its percussive climax. “‘Prove It’ is a song about insatiable people and the idea of ‘good’ vs ‘bad,’” says West. “It’s about lack of control. Even though this song is accusatory, I relate to the person I’m talking to. I think sometimes when we criticize other people we’re also talking about ourselves.

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