Tanya Tagaq……..superb album and new video for ‘Colonizer’.

There’s a fascinating and compelling new album out there by Tanya Tagaq. It’s called ‘Tongues’. You may have heard and watched the videos for the title track and ‘Teeth Agape’ here on DeClunk. Here at DeClunk HQ we urge you to give a listen or two to the album, it just might be your new favourite listen. Read on below then watch the newly released video for “Colonizer.” Unrelenting and direct, “Colonizer” is a song that distills 500 years of church and government wrongdoing into 4 words: Oh. You’re. Guilty. Colonizer

More about ‘Tongues’:
From Ikaluktutiak (Cambridge Bay, Nunavut), Tanya Tagaq is an improvisational singer, avant-garde composer and bestselling author. A member of the Order of Canada, Polaris Music Prize and JUNO Award winner and recipient of multiple honorary doctorates, Tagaq is an original disruptor, a world-changing figure at the forefront of seismic social, political and environmental change.

Tongues’ speaks not to horrors and crisis, as previous Tagaq albums wordlessly, powerfully encircled, but directly of these things. It’s Tagaq at her most explicit and specific. Delicate, poetic passages from Split Tooth, Tagaq’s bestselling, award winning mythobiography, crash against an industrial, electronic exoskeleton. 

Tanya Tagaq’s new album is a manual for inner and outer revolution. It is the soundtrack of righteous taking-back of personhood and power. It is a triumph of strength and intelligence that invites the listener to join her in a personal victory over colonization, over those who take without consent.

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